The studio is a modern hybrid set up.

There are 16 channels of high quality transformer and valve pre amps and equalizers. These feed into 16 channels of top shelf Apogee conversion before it hits the computer. The idea is to add as much sonic mojo before it becomes digital. Once in the computer there is an ever expanding army of the best plug ins to shape the audio.

When mixing down, 16 channels of stems are run through an analogue summing mixer which adds some of the magic of analogue sound with the instant recall of digital. It also allows for hardware processors to be placed over the mix for even more tonal goodness. This is then recorded onto a dedicated stereo master recorder, which is as good as these things get.

The Equipment

The studio is equipped with a range of microphones, monitors, mixers, interfaces, recorders and some of the latest digital audio technology.  Designed around acoustic the live room is equipped with a Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit with large assortment of electric and acoustic guitars on hand.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s on hand:


  • 2 Universal Audio 6176s which feature a valve pre amp stage with 2 band eq, and the classic 1176 compressor.
  • 2 JLM 1290 transformer pre amps which are based on a classic Neve design
  • 12 Audient Black transformer pre amps which are a unique design with a stack of tonal options

  • Manly Massive Passive valve eq. This is a modern expanded take on the old Pultec eq and can best be described as audio honey
  • Maag Eq2. There are two of these solid state 500 series two band equalizers. They are super tight and modern.
  • 4 Audient Black EQs. These are great tracking EQs, broad boosts and narrow cuts with a nice classic British flavour.

  • DBX 162sl. Two channels of high end DBX compression. It is a bit of a Swiss army knife of a compressor. It goes from extremely subtle mix bus compression to an old fashioned DBX heavy breathing monster
  • 1176. The 1176 part of the 6176 channels are independent so can be used with other pre amps, and have their own line inputs for mix duties
  • Audient Black COMP.  There are a pair of these vintage inspired compressors. They impart a lot of colour and tend to get pretty rock and roll pretty quickly
  • Audient Sumo Bus Compressor. This is the compressor in the summing mixer. It is an SSL style bus compressor and gives that classic glue and punch to a mix.

  • Amphion one fifteen
  • KRK VXT6
  • APS Neon
  • KRK sub

  • Apogee Symphony 16 i/o

  • Harrison Mixbus
  • Logic pro X

  • S.E Gemini, twin valve condenser microphone
  • S.E Voodoo, ribbon microphone
  • AKG D12vr
  • Rode NTR, ribbon microphone
  • S.E R1, ribbon microphone
  • S.E 1A, pair of pencil condensers
  • Shure beta 57
  • Electrovoice PL35, 4 dynamic microphones
  • Audio Technica 3035, condenser microphone
  • JTS TX-6, Dynamic microphone

  • Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit. Sizes, 10” 12” 13” 16” 22”.
  • Taye Gokit. Sizes 8” 10” 12” toms, 18” bass drum, 13” snare
  • Tama Starclassic brass snare drum
  • Rodger Dynasonic snare drum
  • Pearl piccolo snare drum
  • Cymbals: Istanbul, Bosphorus, Paiste, Impression, Stagg. (enough range to suit any style)

  • Laney Lionheart 20W valve guitar head
  • Laney Nexus 400w valve bass head
  • Markbass 400w bass head
  • Strauss SHW20 20w class A guitar combo valve amp
  • Blackstar HT1, mini 1w valve guitar amp

  • Hartke 1×15 aluminium cone bass cabinet
  • Hartke 4×10 aluminium cone bass cabinet
  • Marshall 2×12 guitar cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers

  • Fender Telecaster
  • Custom super strat (fender Texas specials and Seymour Duncan humbucker)
  • Custom super strat (Seymour Duncan Trembuckers)
  • Hagstrom Swede (P-90)
  • Vintage V6 (strat)
  • Cort Source (semi)
  • Epiphone gothic Les Paul (EMG)
  • Westbury Standard (Dimarzio humbuckers)

  • Musicman Stingray
  • Fender PJ
  • Squier Vintage Mod Jazz Bass

There is also a significant sample library including a strong selection of drum samples. There is a mountain of classic vinyl samples and pretty much every conceivable vintage drum machines available.  Plus live kit samples and a ton of world percussion.

The studio is located in the leafy surrounds of The Gap, Brisbane.