If you have a track or whole album to record we have a Full Studio Recording Service from pre to post production.  If you already have the tracks but need them placed, polished or perfected we can simply provide the editing,  mixing or mastering.

Full Studio Recording Service


We have a lot to talk about! It is always worth having a chat about musical aspirations and influences, so we can work out a plan and a production style.  We specialize in singer songwriters and are able to provide backing in pretty much any contemporary style as part of the price.

If any extra musicians are needed, now is the time to figure it out. Also if there are any special equipment requirements. It really pays to have a vision that is as clear as possible before going on the clock in the studio.  This is as true for old-hands as it is for first timers.


This where the magic happens! This stage is all about capturing performances and creating sounds. Whether we are tracking drums or programming beats, now is the time for the groove to come to life, the instrumental parts to take shape and the vocals to be delivered.


So now the recording and/or programming is done, it is time to pick the best bits of the performances and start building a mix. Sometimes mixing makes it apparent that something needs to be added such as  a bit of percussion to make the chorus zing. Or sometimes the opposite is true and maybe things need to come out to make space for personality and emotion.

Mixing is more than just finding a good balance between the instruments, the choice and type of processing greatly informs the style in which the song is presented.  Using a vintage spring reverb on the drums is going to give a completely different vibe to a modern digital reverb, or none at all. This is where good pre-production can speed things up and can then cut to the chase on the mix.



Whether your interested in recording tracks, getting some help with mixing, editing or mastering, or for anything between get in touch.

Mixing & Editing

If you’ve got all the pieces but are having trouble putting them together we can help bring it all together.  With an ear for detail and the equipment to match we can work with the raw materials to balance, fine tune and polish the way to your sound.


This is the final stage where the mixes are made “radio ready”

This can be done in house, but it is recommended to master in a different room to that which the music was mixed in, with a fresh set of ears. Kev Browne Studios have established a working relationship with K.Rasta studios who have done the bulk of the mastering so far..